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We believe passionately in pure driving experiences which leverage exceptional engineering to deliver truly visceral results.

With the global transportation ecosystem in the midst of unprecedented change,

we feel that the spirit of a truly accessible-yet-exclusive drivers vehicle is becoming lost in translation.

As a result, we created Darkside.


Darkside is not a solution to a problem but an evocative, engaging and visceral alternative to the day-to-day, aimed at allowing our customers  to experience the thrill of a truly immersive driving experience; coupling next-gen propulsion performance with old-school purity of purpose, all brought to life in a concept which is unapologetically different.

Our Philosophy

To bring about simply exceptional driving experiences; unrestrained by convention, untethered from feature content and unapologetically different.

Our Concept

Respecting our roots in motorcycle racing and engineering, we believe that any great driving experience should have the pilot at its central focus.

​Combining the visceral driving experience of a single seat racing car with the performance & engagement of a superbike, Darkside aims to offer a distinctly different experience delivered through our uniquely disruptive reverse-trike architecture.

Proudly absent of feature content which would otherwise serve to detract from the purity of the experience, Darkside is purposefully engineered around a uniquely driver-centric philosophy. No distractions. No disruptions. No compromises.


Our Team

Based in the heart of the UK's automotive & motorsport hub, we are building an exceptional customer-facing team to help accelerate and underpin our growth, as well as an integral technical team behind the scenes to make sure that our product offering is the best it can be.


All recruitment will be handled via LinkedIn, although speculative applications from passionate and driven individuals are welcomed.

Our Founder

Darkside is the brainchild of award-winning UK engineer Robert Moon.


A former motorcycle racer and lifelong high-performance engineering enthusiast, Rob obtained a BEng (Hons) degree in Motorsport & Motorcycle Engineering from Coventry University before starting his career with premium automotive & niche-vehicle engineering consultancies.

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